It's official - Wege Prize 2017 is here and it's bigger, better, and reaches farther than ever before! Here's what's new for this year's competition:

For the first time ever, Wege Prize is open to college/university students studying at the graduate level as well as those studying at the undergraduate level. Teams can consist of all graduate students, all undergraduate students, or, better yet, a mix of both. 

Like last year's competition, Wege Prize 2017 is open on a global level, meaning that any college/university student in the world can participate, provided they are enrolled in school full-time (12+ credits/semester in the United States, or equivalent course load in other parts of the world). 

Click here for a complete list of rules and requirements

For Wege Prize 2017, we've completely redesigned the main deliverable teams must create to communicate their solutions to the judges. Rather than a single poster, this year's teams will be creating a Project Summary, an informative and visually compelling multi-page document that balances text and graphics (charts, graphs, design renderings, logos, infographics, etc.) to convey the specifics of their solution and demonstrate its alignment with the circular economy. Teams will refine their Project Summaries over the course of the competition, guided by direct feedback from the judges. 

Click here for a complete breakdown of the Project Summary, and be sure to also read the complete 2017 Design Brief

The Resources section of the Wege Prize website has been completely overhauled to help participants direct their learning and engage with new ideas throughout the competition. There's a wealth of new articles, videos, and interactive content to explore on the circular economy, wicked problems, design thinking, business model development, biomimicry, materials, and emerging technologies. We've even put together a collection of design resources to assist and inspire teams as they create their deliverables. 

Team registration for Wege Prize 2017 is now open, so start building your team today! If you're looking to connect with potential teammates, be sure to join the Wege Prize Facebook group and put yourself out there. 

Once your team is assembled, head on over to the Team Registration page to officially enter Wege Prize 2017.