Feedback loops are a big part of what separates Wege Prize from other design competitions.

As Wege Prize 2020 teams work to refine their ideas, they'll be guided each step of the way by our panel of judges, a diverse and accomplished group of professionals whose collective expertise spans the circular economy, sustainable business, green chemistry, industrial design, UX/UI design, digital fabrication, biomimicry, public policy, education, and more!

Rather than a single submission deadline, Wege Prize 2020 is broken down into a manageable multiphase progression. As the required deliverables increase in scope and complexity, built-in feedback loops at each phase act as a support system, connecting teams directly with the judges who are evaluating their work. These regular touch points help teams continually identify and address the strengths and weaknesses of their solution, as well as opportunities for further innovation. 

So, when will feedback loops happen?

(due November 10, 2019)
Teams' first challenge is to observe, investigate, and incubate. They must introduce themselves, indicate where their interests lie, and build a framework of research that will ultimately help them develop their solution.

FEEDBACK LOOP: Teams will receive feedback from the judges on their Phase I submissions by November 24, 2019.

PHASE II: PROJECT SUMMARY 1ST DRAFT (due January 12, 2020)
Teams' next challenge is to consider the judges’ feedback as they work to develop their research plan into a concrete circular solution. They’ll communicate their solution through an informative and visually compelling document, the Project Summary

FEEDBACK LOOP: Teams will receive feedback from the judges on their Phase II submissions by January 26, 2020.

Teams' third challenge is twofold: they must first consider the judges’ feedback as they revise and refine the material they submitted in Phase II. They must then develop additional content that further analyzes the material/resource and economic components of their solution. 

FEEDBACK LOOP: After reviewing Phase III submissions, the judges will select the teams they feel have the strongest solutions to move on to the final phase of the competition*. However, ALL teams will receive feedback from the judges on their Phase III submissions by March 22, 2020.

*For more information on the final phase of the competition, see the Wege Prize 2020 Design Brief.


The team application period for Wege Prize 2020 is now open! Teams must apply by November 10, 2019 to be able to competeApply online now.

Still looking for a team? We encourage those interested in participating to reach out to other interested individuals by joining the Wege Prize LinkedIn group and posting a call for teammates. Or, reach out to professors, mentors, or professional colleagues who may know others who are interested in participating. 

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to wicked@wegeprize.org with any questions.