Wege Prize has a new look for 2016 - not only is this year’s competition opened up to an international level, but we’ve made some big changes to the format as well that will make Wege Prize 2016 a truly immersive and engaging experience!

When teams register for Wege Prize 2016, they’ll also be required to submit a 500-1000 word research plan that outlines the problem or opportunity they’re interest in addressing. We’re not expecting teams to identity and defend a specific solution in their research plans, but rather tell us where their interest lie and build a framework of research that will ultimately help them develop their solution.

Rather than a single submission deadline, this year’s competition will feature multiple submission deadlines, with the required deliverables increasing in scope and complexity at each deadline. To help teams adapt, we’ve built a feedback loop into each stage of the competition. After each submission deadline, teams will received constructive feedback on their work directly from the Wege Prize judges that will help them refine their solution as the competition progresses.

This built-in support system will help teams engage in a design thinking process to identify and addresses flaws in their solution, empowering them to maximize their collaborative potential.

Check out the design brief to learn more about the process.

The timeline of Wege Prize 2016 has been drastically expanded from previous competitions in order to help participants build stronger teams and to facilitate more effective collaboration. With more time to network, research, ideate, test, experiment, and refine, teams will be more likely to develop effective and well-considered solutions.

Check out the competition timeline for complete details.

Remember team registration opens August 1, 2015 – head to the Wege Prize Community Forum, create a profile, and start building your team today!