Our friends at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation have recently released some key pieces of research and thought-leadership that are movingthe circular economy discussion forward!

These are a MUST READ for anyone competing in Wege Prize 2016. You can catch up on the Foundation's latest circular economy thinking and analysis in these publications:

Delivering the Circular Economy: A Toolkit for Policymakers
Provides an actionable toolkit for policymakers embarking on a circular economy transition, including a pilot study of how the tools may be applied in Denmark.

Growth Within: A Circular Economy Vision for a Competitive Europe
Outlines the opportunity from the transition to a circular economy, for European growth, household income and the environment, with a particular focus on food, mobility and the built environment. 

The Circular Economy: A Wealth of Flows
A stimulating overview of this emerging framework for prosperity reinvented, written by Ken Webster, Head of Innovation at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

A New Dynamic: Effective Business in a Circular Economy - Kindle version
With insights from thought-leaders including Michael Braungart, Amory Lovins and Walter Stahel, A New Dynamic (2014) is now available in Kindle version.


Be sure to also check out Circulatethe Ellen MacArthur Foundation's destination for the latest news on the circular economy and related topics, presented in four sections:

Featured - insight-led articles with a distinct journalistic focus, by thought-leaders from around the world
News - on many industries and subjects in the context of a shift to the circular economy, updated daily
International Correspondents - articles explaining how the circular economy is developing at a national or regional scale
What We're Reading - a constantly updating repository of the Foundation's recommended links.