OK, so you’ve read through the rules governing Wege Prize 2020, and you understand what you need to do to meet the individual and team participation requirements.

But how do you go beyond just satisfying our requirements on paper and build a team of people who can actually work well together, solve wicked problems, and win?


Here are some tips to help you build the best team possible:


Wege Prize is all about converging different fields of knowledge and perspectives to solve complex global problems. Whatever challenge you’re looking to address in Wege Prize 2020, chances are high that by addressing the problem from multiple perspectives and satisfying multiple needs, you’ll get closer to a solution that inspires hope for real success.

If you’re a team of all engineering students, for instance, who will shape the business model that proves the financial viability of your solution? If you’re a team of all business students, who will ensure that your solution does not unintentionally create harmful environmental, biological, or sociological effects? If you’re a team of all science students, who will create the graphics and craft the language needed to engage potential users/customers and communicate the value of your solution?

You get the point. Just take a look at the teams who have won Wege Prize in the past, and you'll see that disciplinary diversity drives success!

Which leads us to:


Remember, Wege Prize is open to any eligible college/university student in the world, so there’s no reason to limit your search for teammates to your own circle of friends! Connecting and working with new people will broaden your horizons and expose you to ideas and perspectives that you may not have considered before.

Here’s a great way to meet new people and build a diverse team: join the Wege Prize LinkedIn Group, where you can connect with past participants as well as individuals who are looking to participate in Wege Prize 2020. Start by posting a message introducing yourself, the area of expertise you have to offer, and the problem(s) you’re interested in addressing and see what happens.

Another way: ask your professors if they know of any students who might be interested in addressing the same problems as you, and/or someone whose skills, knowledge, and experience complements your own.


The person who’s only available to work for an hour each week? The person who’s working three jobs in addition to going to school? The person who’s heading out on a study abroad trip in a few months? The person who responds to one email and then ignores the next dozen?

These probably aren’t the best people to ask to join your team! Whoever you decide to work with, make sure that you’re honest with one another about your availability to meet up, collaborate, share ideas, and most importantly: meet each deadline in Wege Prize 2020. If someone’s not willing to commit their time and energy to the team, you’re better off looking elsewhere for teammates.

Remember, team applications for Wege Prize 2020 will be accepted from August 26 through November 10, 2019. Good luck and happy team building!

Have questions about the team building process? Email them to wicked@wegeprize.org.